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Second to none because we love the people that we serve.

Our Family

We strive to provide the opportunities and support structures needed for the service recipient to live successfully in the community. Our service recipients are much more than service recipients, they are family.

Our Services

We provide In-Home Day Services, Community-Based Day Services, Supported Living, Transportation Services, Respite Services, Personal Assistance and Facility-Based Day Services.

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We look forward to providing you with the best quality care as we grow our family. Contact us today about setting up your consultation.

Recent News:

New ABC’s of Quality Care Location – Open House

THE ABC’S OF QUALITY CARE OPEN HOUSE (New Jackson, TN Location) Date: Friday, Sept. 5, 2014 Location: 96 W. University Parkway, Jackson, TN 38305 Time: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. *96 KIX FM Live Remote Broadcast. Refreshments will be served.*

New Limits on Community Care Create Barriers for the Mentally Ill

Why create barriers for those who have already experienced barriers beyond their control? How do we offer a chance at a life of “normalcy” for those in need when we continue to hinder them in our efforts to provide a better quality of life? Check out this article from The Charlotte Observer to read more […]

Families have special needs, but get no special help

This article from NewsObserver.com addresses issues about families that are on waiting lists for years to get the services they need for their special needs family members. Read the article here